Sebastian & Andy's Wedding

Seb and Andy have been on a amazing journey in the time they have know each other. Both are passionate artists and lovely men and they are soon to embark on a new phase that takes them to the USA to dive in the arts world there. I was honoured to be able to capture their wedding day shots at the Parramatta Registry Office and local surrounds. Of course the shots we took were not your typical white wedding images. We all particularly love the heroic pose on the abandoned shopping cart in the swamp. Sebastian is wearing the traditional LESLIE CLAN tartan of his maternal great grandmother and Andy is seen in traditional ALPINE SLOVENIAN wedding attire.

Michael and Luke Vow Renewal

Michael and Luke after a 2 year romance, had a civil partnership in 2009 and marriage in 2015 in the UK Consulate in Sydney.
Now finally thanks to full marriage equality in Australia their marriage is finally recognised here. To celebrate this happy event, they recreated much of their original ceremony. Together with the celebrant Kerry Goode that married them and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir, friends and family met at the beautiful Leichhardt Town Hall for a surprise vow renewal for which Luke was completely unaware of what was to come.


Matt & Wayne Wedding

In a surprise for their friends and family, Matt & Wayne brought everyone together for an engagement party. The twist happened later at the event held at The Hudson where they had arranged for a full wedding ceremony. To celebrate the occasion we captured some lovely photos of themselves and families. The QT Hotel on Market St Sydney and the Tarpeian Precinct above the Sydney Opera House created an amazing backdrop to portray a love that can now be solemnised due to marriage equality being realised in Australia.